PI Glass is committed to ensuring the Glass lab is a Safe Space, both with regard to physical lab safety from chemical hazards, as well as with regard to treatment of all members with respect, tolerance, and courtesy, and promotion of diversity of alternative scientific hypotheses as well as diversity of human perspectives and backgrounds. Before working in the lab, all members must take three required USG lab safety trainings. They are also highly encouraged to complete the GT LGBTQIA Center’s Safe Space, Trans101 trainings, as well as CPR/AED/First Aid training courses available for free from GT.
Required lab safety training courses:
All classes can be accessed online at ehs.gatech.edu/training
Before starting lab work, you must complete three online safety trainings, print out the certificates, bring them with you to lab, and hang them on the chemical safety cabinet:
  1. Hazardous Waste Training

  2. Right-To-Know (RTK) Chemical Training

  3. Lab Safety 101 Training

Additional lab safety training for anyone working with biological samples (BSL-1 level only):