Photo by Ivan Schustak
Drawing by Manlin Xu
Dr. Jennifer Glass is an associate professor in the Georgia Tech School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Program Director of the interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences B.S. degree at Georgia Tech. She earned BSc degrees in Earth and Space Sciences and Oceanography from the University of Washington, a PhD in Geological Sciences from Arizona State University, and a NASA Astrobiology Postdoctoral Fellowship at Caltech. Her research is on geochemistry and microbiology in context of the global biogeochemical cycles and astrobiology, including how microbial metal utilization co-evolved with Earth geochemistry and how microbial metabolisms influence greenhouse gas cycles, and how microbial biomolecules influence the stability of methane clathrates in the deep subsurface. She is the 2021 recipient of the AGU Thomas Hilker Early Career Award for Excellence in Biogeosciences, the 2021 recipient of the Alice C. Evans Award for Advancement of Women from the American Society of Microbiology, a Kavli Fellow, and a  Scialog Fellow. She serves as an Editor for the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. She is the founder and co-director of the Georgia Tech Astrobiology Graduate Certificate Program, and co-director of the Georgia Tech Astrobiology program. She is the founding chair of the Southeastern Biogeochemistry Symposium. She co-chaired the 2022 Astrobiology Science Conference and serves on the NASA Planetary Science Advisory Committee (2020-2023). Her education and outreach efforts focus on diversifying the STEM workforce and democratizing science through open-access science communication. She co-created and maintains the “Database of Databases of Diverse Speakers in STEM” and the “Database of Geoscientists of Color”.