Database of Databases of Diverse Speakers in STEM is here.

Database of Geoscientists of Color is here.

Diversify Slides is here.

Watch Glass’ Goldschmidt20 invited talk

on her Twitter philosophy here.

Read #GeoGRExit opinion piece here.

Plenaries, keynotes, seminar speakers, and panelists are predominantly white and/or male.

The scientists featured in course and seminar lecture slideshows about the history of a scientific field are also typically white and/or male. Let’s work to change that.

If you are organizing an event, please consider the diversity of your organizers and speakers.

There are underrepresented minority experts in your field. You may not know them, but you should.

Please edit the Google document to contain more databases. If such a list doesn’t exist for your field, please consider creating one, or encouraging your professional society to do so, like APS, ACS, and ASCB already have.

Click here for the YouTube channel with samples of talks.

If you are giving a lecture, please consider the diversity of the scientists you feature in your slides.

Click here to download slides featuring diverse scientists.

Please upload more slides (directions below).

Click here for the “Diversify Slides” slide compilation of diverse scientists who made major achievements in STEM fields. Please download and use these slides in your classes and seminars.

Note: these resources are in draft form. Click here to leave feedback for improvements.

Click here to download a high-resolution PDF of this poster

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Please use this in your presentations and invite these scientists to present.